Luggage Finder

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My Role



Pen & Paper


Feb 2019



The challenge was to create a product within an existing airline app to help the flyers locate their luggage upon arrival.


To help the flyer know when the luggage will arrive, where to find it, and what to do if something happens -- even after a hectic and tiring flight.

Pain Points

  • Never sure if your luggage arrived and when it will be dropped on the carousel. Will it be ready right away? Do I have time to stop first for a coffee?
  • The airport is often difficult to navigate
  • Often it doesn't show which carousel to fetch my luggage
  • Can be tired or overwhelmed when arrive

User Goals

  • To easily input their flight information
  • To find out if luggage made it to the airport
  • When luggage will be dropped on carousel
  • How to get to my carousel
  • Until when I have to fetch it before it is removed
  • Contact Complaints department if needed
  • Help with getting the luggage to my transportation

User Scenarios

  • I am tired when flight ends
  • I turn off airplane mode, use my data or airport wifi, and I log either into the airport app or the airline app. That's where I'd like to find this luggage product
  • I either choose the last flight I took, since its already stored in the app, or I can scan my luggage receipt, or boarding pass, or just enter my details
  • It immediately starts tracking the bag and tells me about bag, as I make my way through airport