My Story

Process and creating things have always been at my core. I started my career in administration and operations. With every project and task, I approached everything by creating a solid plan and then creating a system to support it. Whether it was fundraising, budgeting, campaigns,or internal operations, it always began with workflows, making sure everything was covered. People are at the core, where I'd make sure that there was proper communication and things didn't fall through the cracks. And I'd always turn to tools to help, usually no-code solutions that I'd work into the workflow.

I'd always find ways of incorporating my passion for design, but it was when I discovered web design and development that design began to take a central role in my work. Beginning with WordPress themes, I took courses and read everything I could on design principles, web concepts, UX and UI.

It wasn't enough for me to just design but I was passionate about using these tools to solve business problems. My problem-solving mind wanted more than art. It began with incorporating marketing and story telling in my web projects, figuring out the best way of presenting information. And then it progressed into creating unique web solutions, usually with each project a different problem to solve.

I then moved into the e-commerce space, where I incorporated UX principles, branding, and design to tell the company's story, show the products' value, increase sales. I put into practice how UX strategy can affect business strategy. My passion arises from the iterative nature of it all -- that to actually make something of value, it's about a constant conversation with the user, and build upon what you have learned.

With my passion for product, I find myself involved in a variety of projects, including:

Web Design & Webflow Development
No-Code Solutions
Fundraising Platforms
Automated Workflows